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Luria Bertani Medium LB LENNOX CAPSULES 1 kg MP Bio

 Luria Bertani Medium LENNOX CAPSULES 1 kg MP Bio

113002131 - 1 kg
Luria Bertani Medium LB LENNOX CAPSULES MP Bio

Preparation Method
Reagents are tested and chosen for their ability to promote optimum growth of E. coli when combined in LB Medium, Lennox formulations. Chosen reagents are combined in the accurate proportions according to the formula listed above and thoroughly blended for a uniform distribution. A sample of the blended formulation was used to prepare liquid. The combinations were mixed to dissolve components and then autoclaved at 121 °C for 15 minutes.

LB Medium Lennox capsules are a nutritionally rich medium originally developed for growth and maintenance of E. coli strains. The growth characteristics are the same as L-Broth Agar powder. L-Broth supports a luxurious growth of E. coli cells as tryptone and yeast extract supply essential growth factors that E. coli cells would otherwise have to synthesize. The medium also contains essential electrolytes for transport and osmotic balance, due to the NaCl component .

Product Overview
LB medium capsules have the same high quality formulation as LB powder with the added advantage of being in a capsule form, eliminating the need for weighing and handling. The growth characteristics are the same as LB powder.

Product Description
LB Medium, Lennox is a Molecular Biology Certified Bacterial Growth Medium. It is the most widely used medium for the growth of bacteria. MP Biomedicals offers LB media in a variety of formats for convenience and ease of use. It is Luria-Bertani, Rich Medium for the growth of E. coli and certified for plasmid and other bacterial cultures in liquid medium.

Recommended Use
Add 20 capsules per liter of purified water and autoclave at 121°C for 15 minutes.