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Kit Purificação DNA Plasmídeo PHOENIX MAXIPREP KIT MP Bio

PhoenIX™ Maxiprep Kit is designed for fast purification of up to 500 µg transfection-grade plasmid or cosmid DNA.

112075300 - 25 preps

Product Overview
Features and Benefits: Easy-to-use, patented gravity flow resin in pre-packed column with filter, no hazardous buffers or organic reagents.

Product Description
PhoenIX™ Filter Maxiprep Kit provides anion-exchange-based plasmid DNA purification with bacterial lysate clearing by filtration. The kits deliver DNA yields of up to 500 μg of ultrapure plasmid DNA from 100 - 500 mL of bacterial culture. Cleared bacterial lysate is poured through the filter and onto the PhoenIXTM Maxi Column in a single step for rapid purification by gravity flow. The purified DNA is equivalent to that obtained by 2 x CsCl gradient centrifugation. Plasmids obtained are suitable for transfection, microinjection, sequencing, amplification, digestion, etc. Protocols for high copy and low copy plasmids are included in the instruction manual.

Recommended Use
Purification of plasmid DNA from bacterial culture.

Trade Name

Usage Statement
Research Use Only (RUO). Ready for CE IVD labeling of clinical applications.